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Situated on the historic Old Broadwater Farm in Busselton, The Par 3 offers keen golfers, holidaymakers, and families alike nine manicured, shady carpets for divot-loving enthusiasts and enchanted turf pastures where tiny white orbs meet their destiny. Forge friendships over shared frustrations and broken dreams as you chase a ball through the native bushland and hordes of kangaroos on the majestic lawns of contemplation and four-letter words…. What could possibly go wrong?


Our world-class, 18-hole mini golf weaves through Peppermint trees so cool they would make a cucumber envious and will be sure to test your skill, patience, and possibly your friendships. But fear not, intrepid mini golf enthusiast! As you navigate the perplexing fairways, there’s a silver lining – BEERS! Because who says frustration can’t be accompanied by liquid courage? Sip on a cold one, drown your sorrow, gain temporary golfing enlightenment, or at least some comic relief.


It’s real golf (or not) at a holiday pace, right on your doorstep. Picturesque, shady, and as laid-back as a sloth on vacation, The Par 3 Golf and Mini Golf offers fun for all levels.

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Our Epic Par 3 Team

Business Manager

Matt Mansfield

Events Manager

Keeley Milner

Venue Manager

Sharee Mullally

Find Ys

1 Spinifex Court

West Busselton

Western Australia 6280

(08) 9754 2002

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